From surveys, small deformities can be highlighted in the lines, which don’t justify excavation, but a more cost effective method, which is a partliner system.

Using Polyester impregnated fibreglass cut to lengths from 400mm to 1000mm, Partliners can be carried out on pipe sizes ranging from 150mm to 600mm. The epoxy resin used achieves superior bond on the pipe, even on wet surfaces.

One access point to insert the partliner is all that’s required. The fibreglass is placed, once wet out, on a packer air inflated vessel. Once placed in the correct position in the pipe where the defect is located, the packer is inflated to the correct pressure dependant on the pipe size. Once the proper pressure has been reached, the packer is left in this position in order for the partliner to cure. All defects types in most pipe materials can be repaired using this method. Fractures, cracks, infiltration and other defects have been corrected by using this method.